Have you been having issues relating to electricity plumbing, carpentry at home?

But getting the right professional to get it done could be frustrating and challenging.
Even when you eventually find someone, it seems difficult to explain the entire issue to the professional, checking the problem again and again and buying the necessary materials could be stressful and annoying sometimes.
And finally, when it comes to the pricing, the prices are never the same and it might be frustrating especially when you don’t have any idea about the market prices.
That’s why ClickAway app is designed to solve any home maintenance issues you may have.

How it works ?
All you need to do is download the ClickAway app on your smart phone.
Select from many categories of your home needs.
Request for a professional now :
The Omorni app will search for available professional in your area using localization features in a minute.

Schedule the service time.
Request a quote describing the service needed and agreed price.

ClickAway app will connect you with reliable professional without wasting time.
Download the ClickAway app today for Free.

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